Irrigation Systems

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Irrigations & Sprinkler Systems Brisbane North & Sunshine Coast

We are experts in the design, installation, maintenance, and maintenance of irrigation and reticulation systems. We use the best technology and products from trusted suppliers around the world through our supplier relationships.

Northside Brisbane Landscaping Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast offers solutions for every application in commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural settings. There are no limits to the size of a project.

Our staff is continuously trained by irrigation industry professionals. We can either design or repair your existing system. We offer scheduled maintenance services to ensure your irrigation systems run efficiently.

We are first to know about new products because of our quality supplier relationships.

Although availability varies from one type to the next, our network can order it for you or suggest an alternative if we don't have it in stock.

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Types

  • Drip irrigation systems
    • Drip irrigation refers to an above-ground network made up of pipes, valves, tubing and emitters. It drips water slowly onto the soil at the plant’s base. This system is widely used in agriculture to water crops. We have a wide range of parts available from our top suppliers in Australia, Brisbane North & the Sunshine Coast.
  • Sub-surface drip irrigation systems
    • Sub-surface drip irrigation refers to a system that uses pipes, valves, tubing and emitters to slowly drip water onto the roots of plants. Because of its low evaporation, it is one of the most efficient irrigation systems.
  • Impact sprinkler systems
    • The impact sprinkler system is ideal for watering large areas of grass, crops or gardens. These sprinkler systems are composed of several pipes, valves and brass or plastic heads. We supply an extensive range of irrigation and sprinkler systems for any type of application or property.
  • Under tree/bush irrigation systems
    • These systems are similar to fog and mist irrigation. They consist of a network made up of pipes, valves and miniature sprinkler heads. Mini sprinklers are placed in a series and attached to stakes in the ground. We carry a wide range of brands from reputable suppliers.
  • Sprinklers for the garden
    • Pop-up sprinklers are the best sprinkler choice for lawns, gardens and parks. These systems can be made of tubes, valves and rotor units. They are flexible enough to fit any size garden or lawn.
  • System for fogging and misting irrigation
    • The system comprises several tubes, pipes, valves, and small sprinkler heads. It is most commonly used in nurseries or greenhouses. These irrigation systems can also cool public spaces. Mini sprinkler heads can spray different types of soil or crops with a variety of patterns.

Controller Irrigation Sytems

We create innovative, efficient irrigation systems. We have the expertise and know-how to help you realise your vision, no matter how simple or complex.

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