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Australians live indoor and outdoor. Outdoor living is the Australian way. We enjoy outdoor entertaining, spending quality time outdoors with our families, and taking time to relax after a long day.

Your outdoor space should be a source of inspiration, make you feel at ease, and compliment your lifestyle. Why not take advantage of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast’s all-year-round sunshine and make the most out of this extra space?

For your outdoor living

Stunning Landscape Design

Northside Brisbane Landscaping can help get you the landscape you want. We get to know our clients, take into consideration your vision and look at what you have. Then we create stunning landscapes that are not only visually appealing but also personal.

Northside Brisbane Landscaping can bring your outdoor space to life. We offer a seamless experience that delivers beautiful and practical results.

Our Services

Landscape Consultations

All it takes is a conversation. We will take the time to get to know you and your vision to bring your unique ideas to life.

Landscape Design

We will work with you to create outdoor spaces that are unique and personal. We can develop any look, from Hamptons to tropical, by paying attention to the details.

Landscape Construction

To realise your vision, you need to have a team that you can trust. Northside Brisbane Landscaping has a long track record of successfully completing large-scale projects on challenging sites.

We Design Your Dream Space

You know what you want but don’t know how to get it? Are you starting from scratch? Do you need help with a renovation or to reduce the number of ideas on your Pinterest boards?

We can help! Our team of creative professionals can create a beautiful residential landscape that will be an extension of your home. Good planning is key to the best landscaping. We can help you plan your budget with innovative ideas and creative design. We do everything together: renovations, new builds, and everything in between!

What makes us different

This unique model combines the best of both design and construction. Each step of the journey to create unique spaces is a collaborative effort by our team. Each team has over 20 years of residential landscaping design and construction experience – real-world, ‘dirt under the nails’ and “sand in our boots” kind of experience.

We are a business with a heart that understands what works in landscaping. We are all about providing value to homeowners like you to create a paradise for you and your family. We are honest and upfront and believe that there are no hidden costs. This will make you feel at ease and give you peace of mind (and green thumbs), knowing that your home is in good hands.

Landscape design and construction for domestic purposes is both a science and an art. A Brisbane or Sunshine Coast residential landscape designer can be trusted to understand all aspects of landscaping and bring out the best. A landscape garden design and construction in Brisbane requires years of experience, training, and expertise in applying best landscaping practices.

The Process

The residential landscape designer collaborates with clients and, where possible, with builders and landscapers to create home sanctuaries for residential purposes. Best to have one contractor for all aspects of landscaping construction and pool installation.

We make landscape design an immersive experience.

We will work with you from the moment that you contact us to discuss your garden project. To help you determine your expectations and budget, we will ask questions.

Some projects can be quickly completed, while others require more time. We can help determine the best process for you.

Are you ready to get started?

You are the first step in your outdoor living dreams. Our teams will visit you to learn more about your space and what you are looking for. We’ll help you get started.

Then, we’ll guide you through the preliminary pricing workshop to know what fits within your budget.

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