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Pavers have a 4x strength rating compared to a standard concrete slab. This means that they can withstand 4x as much weight before cracking. Because of their interlocking system and the installation process, paving stones can disperse pressure evenly, preventing cracking.

The stones can be lifted, and the base can then be re-compressed. After that, the pavers can again be placed looking new. This is unlike cement, which can only do two things: get hardened and crack.

Concrete slabs can be slippery when they are wet. Pavers are designed to increase traction and prevent slippage, making them great for driveways and pool decks.

Different Types of Pavers

  • Concrete pavers
    • Concrete pavers can be a more cost-effective option than stone pavers and offer the same style and durability. Concrete pavers come in many different sizes, textures, surfaces, colours, and colours. They can also be mixed and matched to create a unique look.
  • Stone pavers
    • Stone pavers add a unique touch to any home with their handmade, natural style. Stone pavers come in various textures and colours and can be used to complement any home style.
  • Clay pavers
    • Clay pavers are durable and can withstand Australian heat. Clay pavers are great for traditional homes, cottages, and Queenslanders. They come in many different colours and surfaces.

Paving Areas

  • Driveways and Parking Lots
    • Pavers last four times longer and are more robust than concrete.
  • Walking paths and pathways
    • Navigating your property is now easier than ever.
  • Paver Patios
    • We can add safe, level entertaining space to your property.
  • Circle Patios
    • They are perfect as a standalone item or in combination with larger designs.
  • Slate Patios
    • The use of slate tiles allows us to give an area a bigger feel.
  • Stone Patios
    • Natural stone is a fantastic way to combine nature and function.
  • Design your own custom designs
    • Precision designs are made to last.
  • Unique Inlays
    • A custom inlay can make your project special.

Outdoor Tiler Brisbane Northside & Sunshine Coast

Outdoor Tiling

Tiling outside in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast is becoming more popular as a stylish and quick way to decorate and finish brick walls, patios, driveways, and gazebos flooring.

With modern designs and chic colours, tiles bring life to dull surfaces. They also provide durability to withstand harsh weather conditions, the sun’s rays, and other domestic stresses.

It is essential to have a professional who can install it, just like any quality product. In this instance, the outdoor tiler.

There are many reasons homeowners, investors, and renovators choose to have tiles laid by professional outdoor tilers for their outdoor spaces.

Designers Dream of Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles are a great alternative to traditional wall and flooring finishes. Outdoor tilers have extensive experience in all variations.

Outdoor tiles in Brisbane are easy to match with Queensland’s diverse housing styles and designs.

Outdoor tilers might use gloss tiles to offset matte ceilings and features. They may also use matt tiles to make fixtures and fittings stand out and glisten. Bright colours can make outdoor rooms appear larger and airier for Brisbane & Sunshine Coast’s sunny Sundays.

Dark, moody colours and textures are best for tiles that offer tranquil reading areas, meditation retreats, and peaceful play.

Tiles can be used to give your outdoor space life and dimension in a variety of patterns and metallic tones. They are great for Wintery, drizzling afternoons or fun sunny parties.

No matter your setting or object, an outdoor tiler with quality, can transform your outdoor space into a designer’s dream escape.

Outdoor Tiles Last Longer

High-quality tiles last longer than vinyl, wood, and plastic.

Tiles made of super-hardened materials and glazed with toughened surfaces will last for many years.

It is crucial to have tiles that are resistant to cracking, chipping and scratching.

Outdoor tiles provide superior protection for outdoor homes, from freezing frosty Winter mornings to thundering weekend lightning strikes.

Before you start your tile project, make sure your outdoor space has been properly waterproofed. This will ensure that they last for a long time.

Tiles Add Value To Your Property

Tiles are a fast and aesthetic way for investors and renovators to improve the value of tired-looking cement, brick, and timber outdoor surfaces.

Tiles offer a new, durable surface for structurally sound floors and walls that are not blemished like paint or paper.

Unlike vinyl and plastic, Tiles don’t retain the bumps and lumps of the bricks and boards underneath.

The thick glue beneath ensures tiles can sit on top of each other and hide any imperfections.

It is well-known that resurfacing large areas in the home and surrounding units with modern flooring and wall finishes can quickly add value.

Professionally laid tiles are the best:

  • Their immediate aesthetic appeal is remarkable
  • Quick installation by a qualified and experienced tiler
  • Healthy, non-toxic, and easily cleanable surfaces
  • Value in terms of return on investment

Tiles conceal unsightly defects by covering minor cracks and scratches, abrasions marks, stains, and other blemishes.

The tiles can draw attention away from other features that may otherwise seem dull or aged.

They can be used to highlight imperfections in other design elements and reflect the light and colours of Brisbane’s diverse seasonal days.

Professional Outdoor Tiler Brisbane Northside & Sunshine Coast

It is crucial to choose an outdoor tiler to ensure that your tiles last for many years.

Professional tilers will have experience in the trade, and they will also be appropriately licensed and insured.

Make sure your tiler holds a Certificate III for Wall and Floor Tiling and a Roof Tiling Licence.

Professionally laying tiles means:

  • They will be laid in an even, symmetrical fashion.
  • They will be laid flat.
  • They will be laid in the desired direction.
  • They will be securely glued to the surface and not “drummy” or loose.
  • They will not be marked or chipped
  • They will be cut neatly for curves and other bespoke edging styles.

Brisbane is all about modern, healthy living outdoors with friends and family. We also love long weekends!

Outdoor tiles can make your space sing and bring out the best of Queensland. They also save time and money, as you won’t have to make costly mistakes when tile-laying.

Tiles cannot be reused after they are laid. Use a professional outdoor tiler like Northside Brisbane Landscaping to lay the tiles correctly the first time.

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