Pool Landscaping

Want your pool to look great this Summer and Spring?

Pool Landscaping Brisbane North & Sunshine Coast

Northside Brisbane Pool Landscaping will complete your luxury pool area. You can add plants and gardens to your pool area, as well as outdoor lighting and water features to complement the home’s overall design.

Our pool and landscape designers are experienced and have a wealth of knowledge of Brisbane & Sunshine Coast horticulture. This includes what grows best in their climates. Our team can help you choose species resistant to chlorine and salt and enhance the aesthetics of your backyard and pool area.

Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast’s unique climate and environment make landscaping an essential part of pool design. We have a reputation for providing quality and sustainable landscaping services that transform any space into a beautiful outdoor entertainment area, perfect for Queensland climate conditions.

For your outdoor pool living

Design, Planting, and Irrigation of Gardens

For pool landscaping, palm trees are a great choice. So are succulents and frangipani. You need to be careful when choosing poolside plants. These include species that will not drop too many leaves and species that can withstand splashes of water from a bomb dive, pool parties, or other events.

Our landscaping experts are knowledgeable about all things landscaping for pools in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast. They will assist you in plant selection, garden design and maintenance. We can recommend and install automatic drip irrigation, and trickle feeds for landscaping that takes care of its own. Our backyard pool landscaping is specifically designed to suit our climate. This ensures that the projects we provide for our clients are sustainable, cost-efficient, and water-wise.

Solar, Garden, Features

Outdoor Lighting and Water Features

A waterfall or fountain cascading in your pool is a great way to relax. Our water feature design services are both water-wise as well as energy-efficient. Our inground pool specialists can help you understand the various options and walk you through maintenance and plumbing.

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Inground & Above Ground Pool Renovations

Pool landscaping can transform your pool’s surroundings and bring out its value. You have many options for decorative elements to make your pool blend in with the natural environment and fit into your daily life.

Northside Brisbane Landscaping transforms pool areas into beautiful outdoor spaces. You can use retaining walls, patios, decks and tiles to landscape your pool. Walls and decks provide seating and play areas around your pool. Fences, however, allow for privacy and security. Our landscape designs also include pool-friendly plants to enhance the beauty of your pool garden and bring it into the 21st century.

Pool renovations include interior remodelling, coping tile replacement, waterline tiles, equipment relocation, and upgrades.

Safety Above Aesthetics

Did you know that all pools must be registered and meet pool safety standards in Queensland? To obtain a safety certificate, pool owners must ensure that their pools meet the following requirements:

  • Pool fences must be high enough and strong enough
  • A visible CPR sign is placed at the pool.
  • Climbable objects that can be found outside the zone must be placed in inaccessible areas.

We can help you create a pool landscaping plan that meets all your needs. Our qualified staff will review your landscape design to ensure it meets Queensland standards. We can also help you avoid penalties. We will provide a detailed quote and a face-to-face consultation to help you design the best possible landscape.

Pool Landscaping Helps You Add Value To Your Pool Areas

We have been landscaping and rehabilitating the most beautiful outdoor pools in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast since before 2001.

We have over 20 years of experience and know the best plants, materials, and structural designs to give your garden and pool that WOW factor.

Pool makeovers are an essential part of ongoing property maintenance over the life of your home.

Bringing an inground or above ground pool back to life with modern and also classic landscaping designs will ensure an increase in your property value, whether it selling or buying.

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Pool Resurfacing & Restoration

We have services that can restore your pool and surroundings to make them look great again. Our pool restoration services can provide you with an opportunity to professionally upgrade or bring your pool area back to life.

Why Should We Be Your Choice?

  • More than a fresh coat of paint
  • Have maximum durability
  • These are designed to withstand the extreme heat of Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast
  • Get an extraordinary look

The Northside Brisbane Landscaping pool renovations experts will save you time and money with our competitive costs and prices. They will find the right solution for your pool. Get your pool in shape by scheduling an on-site visit.

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